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Data Scientist/Engineer
IV.AI , Mexico

1 Year
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Bachelor's Degree
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Jun 8, 2021
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Sep 8, 2021

Job Description

IV.AI is looking for a data scientist/engineer to join and help work on machine learning problems (in the field of natural language processing) for large enterprise clients and to improve the suite of products that we offer. The ideal candidate should be helpful, responsive, dependable, and comfortable working remotely within a small team with tight deadlines. We value people who thrive working collaboratively in a distributed team and who are enthusiastic about the potential of machine learning.

Salary range: USD$18,000 to $36,000 annual based on experience

Timezone: PST (you don't have to live in PST, but you will be expected to attend meetings in PST)


  • Proficient oral and written communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Understanding and combining technical and business requirements into meaningful and valuable insights
  • Proficient writing fast queries in SQL (ideally Postgres 11+)
Bonus Points
  • SQL: CTEs, window functions, aggregates, recursive view, lateral recordsets, crosstab
  • ML/Statistics: distributions, scientific method, confusion matrix, probabilistic classification, clustering, information entropy
  • Data visualization beyond pies and bars (eg box and whiskers, histograms)
  • Github: pull, push, merge, PR, cherrypicking, issue tracking
  • Spreadsheets: formulas, pivots, conditional formatting
  • Software development: ES10, and maybe one like: Java, Scala, Python, Go
  • Regular expressions
  • ETL techniques, data munging, gremlin thwarting
  • API building: semver, http status, JSON-REST, symmetry
  • Learn increasingly sophisticated techniques to clean and prepare data, discover patterns, tailor models and generate recommendations using data/text mining and computational linguistics
  • Build analytical models to determine strength of patterns and relationships
  • Write clean and concise code that is easily handed over to other team members
  • Work with project managers to determine timeline, deliver builds on time and within budget
  • Work with stakeholders and clients to understand what is technically feasible and to identify high business value metrics derived from data
  • Devise testing and validation strategies
  • Develop continuous improvement strategies for process scalability
  • Manage tasks independently, and help others with their tasks when needed

Great people come from diverse backgrounds and we are a team that embodies this. We’re not necessarily looking for a Computer Science Masters or PhD. We are looking for someone who cares about articulating high quality data observations and can work diligently, while tackling problems in a well considered manner.

Who are we?

IV.AI is the world's smartest AI platform with a focus on enterprise. We have grown fast but aim to retain the scrappy nature that enabled us to build big ML models that outperform the industry standards. There are a lot of companies right now that talk about the potential impact of AI while we hustle hard and have actually proven the benefits repeatedly. See validation on the homepage or via case studies and press.

We are


We’re trying to help everyone become better informed by using machine learning - whether it's a model that makes sense of noisy social media data, a voice-powered interface, or a conversational interface, we want to help others make more informed decisions by using AI.


Our inclusive culture values people regardless of their background, education, or upbringing. In order to train machines to act appropriately, we need to be representative of the entire population. AI is only as good as the teams working on it and the training it receives.


You should expect hard challenges working with our tier 1 client list. In just 3 years we have built a scalable platform with 1000s of AI solutions for Fortune 500 companies including Sony, Netflix, Time Warner, Fox, Capital One, Estée Lauder, to name a few.


Being professional and respectful of our clients is of the utmost importance. We work with blue-chip clients and we sometimes work with very sensitive data.


Our employees are constantly problem-solving and assessing their own output to maximize delivery. It's important that our team is always looking for the best way of addressing problems so we can manage customer expectations.


We never try to write more code than is necessary for a task. We modularize and systemize everything. Concurrency is important to us and simple solutions always win. We work together to determine best practices/processes and to stick to them. We believe that no challenge is too hard.


We’re still young. Expect that you'll be part of a core team, able to have a say in the future of the company. Also expect that the senior team has no problem being challenged: they love to listen.

Who you should be...

You should love to build things and be excited about AI. You should be smart but always willing to learn. You'll be able to accept your own limitations and be honest that nobody knows everything, anybody is able to ask for support. You will always be looking for solutions that can speed up workflows. Efficiency is at the top of your mind. You like doing things the "right" way, but are pragmatic when you have a deadline.

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Information Technology and Services - California, United States