“Wow… look at her flawless rosy skin, glossy hair-long down to back length, her duchess nose, oh my… look at her almond eyes and hourglass figure. Aren’t her hands and feet just perfect? Her voice is so enchanting… I wish I had it all”.
—We all have been there, hating ourselves for who we are and who we cannot become. Sometimes, I think that it’s not even an individual’s fault to think that way, our society is the culprit to set such unattainable beauty goals. On the contrary, I think it’s an individual’s fault to think that he’s imperfect and he has to set his appearance according to society’s made beauty standard, but then again, I think, it’s our society’s fault to make a person feel disgusted about his appearance to the extent where he wants to change everything about himself. Yes my friends, you guessed it right, body-shaming is what I’m talking about! We all have heard people saying, “Look, how fat she is… I often wonder if she ever stops eating, her chubby face is such which only a mother could love” or “ergggh, did you see her? She’s all skin and bone, her clothes would look better on a hanger”, people say such awful things without even realizing that how even a single word they utter might shatter someone’s self-confidence in a way where that person is going to think, “I can’t go in public, people are going to make fun of me… I look awful, I wish I wasn’t like this”. Even I’ve been at places where I started to hate my appearance just because of few negative comments by people, well not just some “people”, but some “close people”.

That’s an endless discussion that who’s responsible for what, whether an individual who hates himself just because of not being literally perfect example of perfection or our society, for making a person feel disgusted about his/her skin complexion, hair or body. However, it takes two to tango, no? An individual needs to beat this into his head that perfection is merely an illusion, maybe that artificial dead straight sleek hair look won’t suit you, maybe you just look good in your naturally gorgeous wavy hair? Ever thought that way? In addition to it, it’s high time that such social norms should be BROKEN. We, as a whole make a society, and each individual should stop making other person feel bad about his or her looks. Remember! By passing just few negative comments you’re shaping a big aspect of someone’s life in a really negative way. No one is always supposed to look like a million bucks, this is not beauty, this is a torture which one inflicts on his existence.

Break these standards, change your thinking, even the magazine models who look so perfect aren’t what you see, so STOP wanting to be someone else and DEFINITELY STOP dictating someone how he or she should look, talk or walk.

Live in peace and let live in peace!